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The company manages and intends to rezone properties for residential and commercial use.

Service Covenant

“The Wachler Wolf secret of success is identifying yielding real estate opportunities, combined with high-level service, transparency and credibility standards.”

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Our Investment Basics

Due to our reputation

Due to our reputation The financial capacity, the trust of the banks, and the calculated risk management testify more than anything to the strength of the Wachler wolf company and are proof of the group's leadership and excellence.

Careful selection of projects

Out of the dozens of projects we receive each year, we choose to invest in only about 2%, this is after undergoing in-depth programming tests accompanied by leading professionals in the field, and the interns have an advanced planning status and guarantee compliance with the investment goals along with a high degree of certainty for a successful investment.

High Profit Potential

The company's investments have a high profit potential, which leads the company to carry out transactions for the benefit of its investors. The equity capital is low along with a short schedule for realizing the investment.

Who we are

Wachler Wolf is an investment and development company, engaged in the management of real estate projects in addition to planning and development work.

Over the years, we have managed and marketed a long list of projects in high-demand areas throughout the country, the vast experience and power we have accumulated allow us to locate lands with high potential and market them successfully to investors who enjoy high profits of brother and goat yields.

As part of the land improvement and planning procedures, the company promotes the thawing of agricultural land in major Israeli cities to purchase land with high-profit potential.

Let us find you new opportunities.

Wachler Wolf’s success is based on identifying income-producing real estate opportunities while maintaining high standards of service, transparency, and dependability. We are committed to looking ahead, identifying opportunities that are relevant to everyone, and bringing the world of real estate to you.

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